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The EZZ Lambda Chi Alpha House Corporation is a body of involved and motivated alumni who oversee the chapter property, namely the chapter house.  The House Corp collects semesterly rent from the academic chapter and uses these funds to maintain the property and to pay off outstanding loans made in the chapter's name. 

House Corp actively seeks alumni donations to help fund its causes.  In the past, these efforts and funds have produced a new roof, new windows, remodeled upstairs and downstairs showers, remodeled women's bathroom, new refrigerators, repaired water heaters, a hard-wired fire alarm system, a new outdoor shed, a new volleyball deck, and numerous other items. 

Also more recently we have remodeled the top and bottom hall dormside bathrooms. The images shown to the left are the finished product (bottom hall bathroom).  Thank you to all who helped make this project happen, including the academic chapter members who put up with the construction during the fall 2013 semester.

Currently, House Corp has outstanding debts in excess of $75k.  This debt is approximately equal portions of 1) flood repairs from late 90's (namely furnaces) and 2) recent bathroom renovations.

For House Corp members - link to the  LCA EZZ House Corp group on Facebook here.

Currently, the following alumni brothers are actively involved with the House Corporation and graciously donate their time and efforts to ensure the physical assets of the chapter are well maintained:

Board of Directors/Officers:

Kevin Till - President

Jason Lanctot - VP / Maintenance and Repairs

Jim Schnack - Treasurer/Secretary

Ray Parks - Secretary

Paul Skorick - Alumni Chair (Fundraising and Communications)

Randy Ritterman - Director

Ben Frisvold - Director

Honorary Directors:

Jody Gunlock

Bob Graveline

Brent Skjerseth

TJ Serr

Ron Sitzer

Dave Hillesland

Scott Ciochetto

The following academic chapter members are also Advisers to the House Corporation by way of their offices / positions: President, Treasurer, House Manager, Alumni Coordinator, Risk Manager, Steward

Alumni / Fundraising and Communications Committee members:

Paul Skorick (Chair)

Kevin Till

Randy Ritterman

Andrew Lendway

Brian Pedersen

Jeff Kjosen

Brent Skjerseth

Hugh Grindberg

If you, as an alumni member of our Chapter, would like to get involved with the House Corporation please get in touch with one of the members of House Corp and express your interest.  The House Corporation is always looking for additional assistance.  You will not be turned away!

Check out the all LCA EZZ member group on facebook here.

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