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Epsilon-Zeta Zeta has reelected Brother Randy Ritterman as High Pi!  Please congratulate Randy again to this crucial alumni role.

Our Constitution and Statutory Code requires every chapter to have a High Pi. The High Pi is the chancellor and official alumni adviser of the active chapter. This means he is the chief judicial officer and the representative of the Grand High Zeta (Board of Directors) to the chapter. The Grand High Pi appoints the High Pi upon the recommendation of the chapter Executive Committee. The High Pi shall be an alumni brother of at least two years and in good standing with the chapter. He need not be from the chapter where he serves as High Pi. A faculty or honorary initiate also may serve as High Pi. The High Pi's term is for two years; at the end of this term, the chapter may recommend that the High Pi be re-appointed or it may recommend that someone else serve as High Pi.

As the chief judicial officer and representative of the Grand High Zeta, the responsibilities of the High Pi are numerous and varied, but can be managed in a reasonable amount of time each week. The High Pi should attend a majority if not all chapter meetings, and as the chief judicial officer he is to attend all Executive Committee meetings as well. Any appeals of chapter decisions should be made through the High Pi. In his role as representative of the Grand High Zeta, he is to report any violation of Lambda Chi Alpha, university, federal, state and local laws to the General Fraternity. He shall also appoint and serve as the chairman of the Alumni Advisory Board.

Probably the most important aspect of the High Pi's job is that of an adviser. He should be able to sit down with any officer, or any brother for that matter, and discuss any aspect of chapter operations. As an alumni brother, he can offer different insights and varying viewpoints from his fraternal experience.

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