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A rare scholarship matching opportunity is available to all UND Greek chapters, if they can successfully complete the challenge.  If we succeed, our chapter will earn a 50% scholarship fund matching from the state of North Dakota.  All donation and fund matching monies will be used for scholarships for current members of our chapter enrolled at UND.  To complete the challenge, our chapter must raise or pledge $50k in donations to Lambda Chi Alpha scholarship endowment over the next 5 years.  This process will be managed through UND Alumni Association.

The challenge runs through December 31st, 2016, by that time, we need to have at least a combination of donated and pledged dollars in the amount of $50k.  It could be as simple as 50 brothers pledging $200/yr for the next 5 years!  We can do this and we should do this - as this challenge is a good opportunity to promote academia, while taking advantage of the ND State matching funds which will make our $50k endowment become $75k! This will further solidify and demonstrate our commitment to existing and future members of our chapter, and could help with future recruiting knowing our brothers are committed to the future of our chapter.

It is important to note, the state of North Dakota has designated a certain amount to UND, and the funds are available for Scholarship Endowments of $50k or more. The matching funds are only available until December 31, 2016 or until all funds have been depleted, whichever happens first.  The sooner we get to the $50k, the more likely, we can take advantage of the full matching, and not risk missing out because funds have been depleted before we can achieve our goal.

UND has communicated that leadership gifts of $10k or more, by an individual donor, will be recognized by UND as Greek Pillars.  Additionally, successful chapters and Greek Pillars will be celebrated during UND's Homecoming 2017 festivities.  All donations and pledged dollars are handled through UND’s Alumni association.  For more information or to make a donation, go to

If you have questions that can’t be addressed by the FAQs or the website, please feel free to reach out to Grant Hauschild, Associate Director of Development.  His office number is 701.777.5819 and email is:

Progress as of late September...

The Greek Scholarship Challenge has been successful.  We have raised $52,500 to-date which means we get the state match of $25,000.  Our total scholarship endowment is valued at $77,500.  Thank you to the brothers that have donated and pledged dollars to the Greek Scholarship Challenge.  While we’ve hit the minimum to get the state match; we are still taking donations for the challenge.

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