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- - - - - - Latest status (11/28/17) - now at ~$33k out of the $75k goal! - - - - - -

Dear Brothers,

We would like to thank all the brothers who responded to our call to help with debt elimination for our fraternity house. The last report we received from the house corporation treasurer was that our debt has dropped from about $75,000 down to about $50,000. We are now about a third of way to our goal of total debt elimination.

What is the main driver behind debt elimination? We spend $10,800 per year in mortgage payments. For the last several years, we have had to count on generous donation from our alumni to fund needed repair/replacement projects for our house. Usually the amount we need to raise is about $10,000. As someone who owns the fraternity house, (that means each and every one of the brothers of Epsilon Zeta Zeta), it would make much more sense to put that $10,800 into an account that we can draw on when repairs/replacement projects come up.

Our fraternity at 515 Harvard is in fantastic shape. The membership is large with 66 actives and 18 associates. Their standing among fraternities is as strong as it has ever been. We have a great relationship with UND and the Coordinator of Greek Life. Our National Fraternity has other fraternities looking at the programs they have rolled out. This is a great time to be a Lambda chi.

We need your help. Brothers, if you did not respond to the last letter, please respond to this one. If you responded to the last letter and can help more, please do that. Think about what Lambda Chi did for you during your college years. It is our hope that everyone will give back to the house and the brotherhood which served them well, so that other young men can come to know the meaning of becoming a Lambda Chi.

Please send a donation to Lambda Chi Alpha P.O. Box 13454 Grand Forks, ND 58208 or visit our website Thank you in advance and God bless you all.

Dave Hillesland EZ692, Order of Merit Award 2014

Ron Sitzer EZ 694, Order of Merit Award 2014


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