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Dear Brothers,

"We're all good brothers to each the others friend and we'll be good brothers until the very end." We hope this letter finds you happy, healthy, and in a good place in your life. We have two reasons for writing to you.

First, we want you to know that Epsilon Zeta Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha is very much alive and doing extremely well. There are currently 72 active members! One of those members was just elected Vice President of the Student Body. Visits that our High Pi makes with the Administrator of Greek life and other officials tell us that Lambda Chi's relationship with the University of North Dakota has never been better. The current actives are donating their time to local charities and collecting thousands of pounds of food for Lambda Chi Alpha's North American Food Drive. On a national level, our chapter has been selected as a Top Twenty Zeta. We are being used as an example of what is right about fraternity life and how other chapters can achieve that status.

The House Corporation, to any of our collective knowledge, has never had so many active and dedicated members. The house is being run like a business. Actives, who are officers, must submit a budget for approval by the House Corporation and are held accountable for staying within that budget. Payments to the House Corporation are on time so that all bills and loan payments are current. We, as a brotherhood, have so much to be proud of about the current state of Lambda Chi Alpha in Grand Forks.

Secondly, we want you to note the last part of the sentence above that says, "loan payments". For the last few summers, we have had to turn to the alumni who are on Facebook and raise about $10,000 for needed summer repairs to the house. Why do we need to do that? Brothers, we still owe $75,000 on OUR house from major repairs from the 1997 flood and other needed projects. This debt is like a ball and chain around the ankle of an organization that has been, currently is, and in the future will provide an enriched college experience for hundreds of brothers of Epsilon Zeta Zeta. When you return to UND, do you hope to run into someone you knew from a class you took, or do you go to the fraternity house where you know you are welcomed and can share old stories of the great (and mostly humorous) times you had as a member of our brotherhood? Do you have lifelong friendships with men you are proud to call brothers? We do and we hope you do and we want to be able to provide that for future Lambda Chi's just as those before us did.

We, the undersigned, have pledged over $8000 toward debt elimination. Please join us in doing so. We are brothers from five different decades, the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and 2000's. We would encourage all brothers to do what they can to eliminate the debt so we can free up money for the future care of OUR house. You can mail a check to Lambda Chi Alpha House Corporation at PO Box 13454 in Grand Forks, ND 58206. Please put debt elimination on the memo line. You can also go to our website make a donation and designate the money be used for debt elimination. Thank you in advance from all your brothers.

Yours in ZAX,

Robert (Bob) Graveline, David Hillesland, Gary Nelson, Wayne Papke, Randy Ritterman, A.J. Sitzer, Ron Sitzer, Pat Thibert, Kevin Till

P.S. With everyone's help, we can eliminate this debt in a month. After you make a donation, call the brothers you stay in contact with and encourage them to do the same. Organize a get-together with them. You can always use YOUR home, Epsilon Zeta Zeta.


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