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The Lambda Chi Alpha Epsilon-Zeta Chapter House is located at 515 Harvard St. in Grand Forks, ND.

This property is owned and operated by Lambda Chi Alpha Epsilon-Zeta Chapter House Corporation. 

Built in the mid 1960's, our home has been through a lot!  Over the years, 100's of young men have called this house home.

The building has housing for about 35 live-in members. We have 10 dorm rooms on both floors of the dorm side and a suite on the north end of the house. There are bathrooms on both floors of the dorms, a bathroom in the suite, and women’s bathroom on the north side of the house. We use a commercial kitchen and dining room. We have an onsite laundromat. We enjoy high speed wireless internet, and cable TV. We have parking behind the house. We use a chapter room for meetings and our library for studying. We have an office for the use of fraternity paperwork. We have our own volleyball court and deck behind the house. We have several common use areas, like the TV room, fireplace area, living room, foyer, plus the basement recreation areas.

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